Krishna Trance In Union Square

I don’t know what these guys are really about but I was feeling it. So were the people behind me. Including the Jewish and Muslim guy arguing about religion. Which is a ‘thing’ that happens supposedly at Union Square.


The first musician I have met on my journey is G. Wyll. Before I ever even saw him I had my iPhone recording.

As I came around the bend a man under the influence of something fierce was jamming to G’s music.

After recording my first clip I went up to him and say hello to tell him what I was doing. I also gave him a little cash.

I asked him when he was leaving and he said around 8 c’clock. I told him I would be back around then to ask him a few questions.

I rushed upstairs to the street all excited. I had the upload the first clip to the newly formed @nycstreetmusic Instagram Page

Then I realized coming back at 8pm as stupid and went back down to see G. Wyll finish his set.

I had nowhere to be and the music was live. As I stood there filming the usual suspects walked by.

The largest tip he’s ever received was $100. He deserves it. He has the power to change someones mood after all.